Biography – Terri Stype, M.S.

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Terri Stype is a Product Consultant and Operational Account Manager of Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) for Perceptive Informatics.  She consults with companies who have purchased a CTMS application from Perceptive and need assistance with implementation and training services.   She also provides ongoing communication with companies to maintain consistent relationships related to the applications and services provided.

Previous roles have included, training for EDC, CTMS, Microsoft, and various financial applications.  Terri was also a Backer for the Juvenile VisionQuest program, which is an outward bound program designed to help juvenile delinquents search for a better purpose for their present environment and for life, through physical outreach programs, and/or having a backer present in their daily lives to encourage positive behavior patterns.

Terri also has volunteered in the national mentor program for elementary age children and Habitat for Humanity.   She is a member of the Gateway Community Church in Parkesburg Pennsylvania.

Locust Lane Riding Center has become another home to Terri’s daughter and it has given Terri the opportunity to learn about horses and the work involved in taking care of such magnificent animals.  Terri’s love of animals and the therapeutic areas that involving horses have opened a new door for Terri and her family to explore.

Terri has her under graduate degree in Criminal Justice/Pre-law and History from West Chester University and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Penn State.

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