Shelly Pelet - Founder/Executive Director

Shelly Pelet – Founder/Executive Director

Compelled by her life-long love of horses and a desire to make the benefits of horse-related activities available to a larger population, Shelly opened  Locust Lane Riding Center at her family-owned farm in 2005.  She began riding as a youngster and has continued multi-discipline training into her adult years.  Her experience includes riding to hounds, competing in local horse […]

Meghan Lyons - Instructor

Meghan Lyons – Instructor

Daughter of an avid foxhunting dad, Meghan was destined to be a horsewoman. From a very early age you could have found her riding bareback every day after school, to weekends spending endless hours in the saddle, up with the whips of her families’ foxhunting pack. Her interests blossomed into carriage driving, paper chases, hunter […]

Testimonial One

Welcome to Locust Lane Riding Center.  We at LLRC are firm believers that activities involving horses are good for children AND adults;  those with disabilities and without. Horses and instructors work together in various capacities to create learning experiences that benefit participants physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.  Equestrian activities are a wonderful way to relieve stress and […]