Benefit Horse Show Series

Locust Lane Riding Center
2016 Benefit Horse Show Series

Saturday, July 9th
Saturday, October 8th
10am Start.

LLRC Prize List 2016

Class Descriptions

Open to all hunt seat riders, horses and ponies. Judged on hands, seat, and control of mount. Fences 2’0” – 2’3”. Course may include broken line and/or roll-back.

Open to all hunt seat riders, horses and ponies. Judged on mount’s way of going.
Fences 2’0” – 2’3”.

Open to all hunt seat riders, horses and ponies. Judged on manners, performance and suitability. May be asked to halt or back. Will split ponies and horses if entries warrant. Fences 2’0”.

INTRO JUMPERS – 2’6’-2’9”
Table 2. Section 2(B): those who complete a clean round will remain in the ring for a jump off
Table 2. Section 1: winners decided by adding together faults incurred and penalties for exceeding the Time Allowed.
Gambler’s Choice: Each obstacle carries a designated number of points – riders can only jump each fence two times. Highest points. accumulated wins.
Mini Horse: In-hand class. Fence heights 12”. For mini horses no taller than 48”. Please see website for full description.

Open to all riders, horses and disciplines. Similar to musical chairs but on horses. Novice class is walk/trot only.
Open to all riders, horses and disciplines. Course will Novice class is walk/trot only. Course to be ridden

No charge for this class! Open to all riders, horses and disciplines. Please provide your own $1 bill. Dollar will be placed by Judge. Winner takes all.

Single jump gets higher after every round of competitors jumps. Those who complete the fence without a refusal, knock or pole can move onto the next round. (Similar to a Puissance competition but on a small scale).

Please note – we will be using the 2015 USDF Intro and Training Level Tests. The tests will be completed using the small ring, size: 20m x 40m (66’ x 132’)
USDF Intro – Test A:
USDF Intro – Test B:
USEF Training Level – Test 1:
USEF Training Level – Test 2:

Open to all riders, horses and disciplines.
23. Trail Class – Adult
24. Trail Class – Open
25. Trail Class – In-hand

LLRC Benefit Horse Show Schedule

Schooling until 9:45am. 10am Start.

1. Open Equitation W/T
2. Open Equitation W/T/C
3. Open Equitation O/F
4. Low Hunter O/F
5. Low Hunter O/F
6. Low Hunter W/T/C
7. Open Pleasure W/T
8. Open Pleasure W/T/C
9. Open Pleasure O/F
10. Intro Jumper – Table 2. Section 2(B)
11. Intro Jumper – Table 2. Section 1
12. Intro Jumper – Gambler’s Choice
13. Mini Horse Jumpers
14. Musical Stalls – Novice
15. Musical Stalls – Advanced
16. Barrels – Novice
17. Barrels – Advanced
18. Dollar Bareback
19. Chasing Charlie


19. USDF Intro – Test A
20. USDF Intro – Test B
21. USEF Training Level – Test 1
22. USEF Training Level – Test 2


The following classes will be held in the outdoor ring and
open for competitors from noon until end-of-show-day.

23. Trail Class – Adult
24. Trail Class – Open
25. Trail Class – In-hand

Pre-entry: $12.00 per class
Pre-entry Unlimited Classes: $50.
Day-of entry: $15.00 per class


Questions: Shelly at


  • LLRC and the horse show committee will not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss to persons, horses, ponies or property of exhibitors or spectators incurred on or off horse show grounds.
  • Approved helmets are mandatory for all mounted riders while on the showgrounds.
  • Management reserves the right to divide, combine, cancel or change the order of classes when necessary.
  • Management reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry.
  • Exhibitors must scratch and/or add classes at the Secretary’s stand. Horses’ exhibiting in classes they are not entered in will be charged a $20 office fee.
  • Negative Coggins within 1-year required.
  • Entering any class at this show constitutes acknowledgment that you understand the risks associated with horse showing and are willing to accept the consequences pursuant to Pennsylvania law.
  • Please call your fences during schooling.
  • Classes for Adults are limited to riders who have reached their 18th birthday prior to Dec. 1 of the previous year.
  • No martingales permitted in under saddle classes.
  • Pre-entries will be taken online and via email until the Friday before the show.
  • Fence heights are approximate.
  • Schooling breaks open to exhibitors only.
  • Six ribbons in all classes, Champion and Reserve in each division.
  • Refreshments and raffles will be available throughout the show day.
  • Dogs must be leashed.


This year’s show series benefits LLRC’s
Equine Assisted Learning for Personal Development


Power Tools for Living is an equine assisted alternative learning experience designed to help at-risk youth acquire skills in basic emotional health concepts such as; Respect, Responsibility, Relationship Skills, Boundaries, Empathy, Choices and Consequences. Our goal is to help students gain these necessary skills for successful living. We are very excited about the opportunity to offer this program to middle school students in Coatesville, and surrounding areas. It is our desire to provide this and other services to those in need, regardless of socioeconomic status.

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