Many Hands

There’s something priceless about a five year old in pink Carharts and a tool belt, wearing goggles and asking, “Got any fences that need mending?”

It was 23 degrees outside, and 13 people, including Mackenzie in her coveralls, showed up for our monthly work day and spent six hours outdoors working on projects to help maintain the farm. You know you are hanging with the right crowd when your people will brave the elements in mid January, roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

I am always excited to see teamwork in action.  The tasks that seem overwhelming for one person take on a whole new perspective when you have many hands.  A job that could be seen as drudgery becomes a work party!

Chris fixed the outdoor fireplace and we were able to burn debris that we collected from around the yard and old fence boards.  Mark and Kurt worked to fix the floor in the hay barn. Taylor, Lauren, Carrie, Jenn, Holly, Steve and Shawn made sure the horses had all their needs met;  blankets, de-icing water troughs, feed and hay, before joining Terri and Mackenzie in cleaning fence rows of tall weeds, and clearing away branches that had blown off the trees. Shannon (and baby Robyn…not yet born becoming a farm girl already) picked stalls. Jeff fixed the ATV, repaired the broken rack and got it running like new.

Someone named John Hayward once said, “Many hands make light work.” (I actually thought the bible said this first….but google says it was John Hayward)  I, Shelly Pelet, would like to be quoted as saying, “Many hands make a light heart.”



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