Riding Club

Locust Lane Riding Center’s Riding Club program is a novel approach to maintain the horseperson in you!

Oh, the Horse!

How this magnificent animal comes in and takes permanence in our lives.  As a horse owner, occasional rider, or knowing the empty experience of missing what’s “in our blood”, the horse calls us to enjoy its beauty, the accompanying sense of peace they bring, and the sheer enjoyment  of riding out together.

Horse-Crazy, but Horse-Less?

For those who find themselves without their own horse but still dream of riding, you are invited to join our riding club.  Without the cost of ownership, you can still ride, bond, and create many more memories on horseback.  We have many wonderful mounts and there are several options to become a participant and ride to your heart’s desire.

Yes, you can live your life with a horse at Locust Lane Riding Center!


It’s easy to get connected…



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