Riding Club – Horse Share Program

The share program offers access to a variety of horses. A full share allows an individual to ride any day of the week on the available mount of their choice and includes bi-weekly lessons. Limited and variable blackout times are excluded based on the needs of the farm. (These will be scheduled in advance with consideration of the Riding Club’s participants’ routines.) A weekend share provides same access to a variety of horses on weekends only and includes one lesson per month.


Share Program Full
$250.00 per month
Shared access to several horses any day of the week.
Includes bi-weekly lessons.
$150.00 per month
Shared access to several horses on weekends only.
Includes one lesson per month.

If you are interested, please contact Shelly Pelet at 484-883-1844 or e-mail shellypelet@locustlaneridingcenter.org.
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