Therapeutic Horseback Riding

We offer Therapeutic Horseback Riding to students with a wide range of special needs including physical, cognitive, and psycho-social challenges. Our instructors are trained and certified through PA Council on Therapeutic Horsemanship.  (NARHA certification pending)

Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Improved Coordination
Improved posture and balance
Improved gross and fine motor skills
Increased functional range of motion
Increased muscular strength
Improved cardiovascular function
Improved stamina

Increased Vocabulary
Improved attention and concentration
Improved judgement
Improved critical thinking skills
Improved sequencing and planning
Increased visual and auditory discrimination

Increased self confidence, self esteem and self control
Mastery of a difficult task
Increased understanding of consequences/cause and effect
Increased desire of responsibility
Improved positive social interactions
Increased desire to take risks
Experience of success in a supportive environment


$50/session (Length of session varies depending on client capabilities.  In general, sessions last approximately one hour)