Simple Joy

There are so many times in this work when I stand in awestruck wonder.  And then, there are times when I am unexpectedly caught in a moment of simple joy.

Last night at the ‘graduation’ ceremony for our Equestrian Leadership program, one of the students shared from her experience:  “The thing I like most about horse back riding is that I get to learn about God and ride and take care of the horses there. And the love I receive there is so amazing it makes you want to go home and pack your clothes and live there.  Being at the horse program makes you want to hug them so tight!”

Sometimes I beat myself up a little because I don’t feel very efficient.  Sometimes I feel as though I have bitten off a little more than I can chew in this endeavor. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I set my mind to this task, and if the blood, sweat, and tears will ever be worth it…. and then comes the Simple Joy. And then…I know.


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