Volunteer Opportunities

Latest  Volunteer Hour Report:

“Thank you!”  to all our volunteers!

 Monthly Work Days (typically 2nd  Saturday each month):

Next Work Day: TBD

Come join us for a fun work day on the farm!  Projects include landscaping,  mending fences, painting jumps, cleaning, grooming horses/ponies, etc.

Please register for this workday or RSVP by registering here:


or by sending email to:  shelly@locustlaneridingcenter.org

Volunteers are welcomed for the following activities:

  • Horse Leaders and Side-Walkers for Therapeutic Riding Lessons
  • Assistant Riding Instructors
  • Mentors for Youth Programs
  • Assist with Daily Chores:
    • Grooming horses
    • Mucking stalls
    • Cleaning water buckets

All volunteers are required to attend a 2 part volunteer training session, please see the Events page for the next training sessions. (Note: Session 1 is a prerequisite for session 2.)

If you would like to volunteer in any of the above areas, please:

  1. Download the LLRC Volunteer Forms ZIP file.  Complete the “Release and History Forms” and bring them to LLRC for review and processing.
  2. Review the LLRC Volunteer Handbook.
  3. Send e-mail to shelly@locustlaneridingcenter.org .
  4. Register for an upcoming volunteer training session.